Version changes

v0.2.9 to v0.3.0 -20180102

  1. Update the important change at version number.

v0.2.8 to v0.2.9 -20180101

  1. Now Raven can automatelly build the C library to Dynamic-link library.
  2. Fixed a bug in Raven installing.

v0.2.7 to v0.2.8 -20171231

  1. Fixed a bug caused by the last update.

v0.2.6 to v0.2.7 -20171230

  1. Perfecting the help command for each function.

v0.2.5 to v0.2.6 -20171227

  1. Now raven has a library file download progress bar!
  2. Added version command -v.
  3. Add help command -h.

v0.2.4 to v0.2.5 -20171227

  1. Change the way the init command works, and now it will not accidentally empty the project's library files.

v0.2.3 to v0.2.4 -20171226

  1. raven updated several improvements which we don't knows.

v0.2.2 to v0.2.3 -20171223

  1. Fixed bug: when install a library with a specified version, library folder named incorrect.

v0.2.1 to v0.2.2 -20171222

  1. Increase the packing order.
  2. Windows installation support.

v0.2.0 to v0.2.1 -20171220

  1. After three weeks of hesitation, we decided to use the s-expression instead of json.

v0.1.0 to v0.2.0 -20171220

  1. Raven file structure changes: Single file without dependency library => may has its own dependent software package
  2. Raven Installation Changes: /usr/local/bin => /usr/local/lib/raven/raven
  3. Raven installation pattern changes: Change to Scheme interpreter installation, remove Python interpreter dependencies.

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