Installation Raven


To install and use Raven,

# Make sure your Chez Scheme compiler named "scheme". If not,

# cd /usr/local/bin
# cp chez scheme

The above paths may vary depending on your Linux distribution.

# Make sure your system can use the command "curl".

This command comes with Mac OS X and most Linux distributions, but if you do not, install it yourself to make sure Raven's network download function is working.

Download url:

#On Windows you need to install the unzip tool 7z.

Download url:

Automatic installation

# curl -L | scheme

Manual installation

If the automatic installation fails, or something else, you have the option of manually installing Raven.

Download Raven principal files from


# cd /usr/local/lib
# mkdir raven
# cd raven
# mkdir raven
# cd raven
# mv RAVENPACKAGE.tar.gz /usr/local/lib/raven/raven
# tar -xzf RAVENPACKAGE.tar.gz
# ln -s /usr/local/lib/raven/raven/ /usr/local/bin/raven
# chmod +x raven
# raven install -g raven


Raven can be updated to the latest version by installing Raven globally.

# raven install -g raven

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